I love making radio.

From podcasts, to news hits, to -- my personal favourite -- documentary, trying to paint a picture with sound is always challenging and exciting.

Local Haunts

I have a live monthly podcast on TRP, the Toronto Radio Project called "Local Haunts." The show has been featured on Monocle Radio and mentioned on BlogTO. 

Here are some other audio projects I've completed. 


A radio documentary about two friends at different stages in their smoking careers, and what they think about the future of their habit. Originally aired on CHRW radio 94.9 in 2011.


My interview with wire walker Nik Wallenda, summer 2011 as he was beginning the process of planning the Niagara Falls walk. An edited version originally aired on CHRW radio, 94.9


As tablets slowly become the dominant tool through which people consume their media, things are getting a lot more visual. Devon Murphy speaks with two journalists in two totally different newsrooms to see what the future might hold, and whether or not the visual reigns supreme.